The Story of New Zealand Grandparent's Day

Grandparents Day has been celebrated in the United States since the 1970's. It was initiated at the grassroots level by West Virginian Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade.

Mrs. McQuade wanted Grandparents Day to be a family day. She envisioned families enjoying small, private gatherings, perhaps even a family reunion, or participating in community events. Mrs. McQuade started her campaign for a day to honour grandparents in 1970 and first launched the day in her home state in 1973. Then, after many years, much persuasion, and unending persistence, she finally achieved her bigger goal. It was in 1979 that President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the first Sunday after Labour Day each year as National Grandparents Day.

Other Countries have now joined in the celebration, including Canada, the UK and Australia, so we feel it is time for New Zealand to claim their #NZGRANDPARENTSDAY

Following in Australia's footsteps, New Zealand will celebrate our inaugural New Zealand Grandparents Day on Sunday the 28th October 2018.

Who we are

Surrogate Grandparents New Zealand Charitable Trust is a registered NZ Charitable Trust set up in 2017 by Jo Hayes.

We connect families with surrogate grandparents in order to forge lasting friendships and family bonds.

We love connecting generations and are more than aware that not every family is lucky enough to have their Grandparents close by, which is why we set up Surrogate Grandparents. We know that both the children and the surrogate grandparents can benefit hugely from this relationship.

For further information please go to our website.


There are three purposes for New Zealand Grandparents Day:

1.    To honour grandparents and members of our senior community.

2.    To give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children's children.

3.    To help children become aware of the strength, information and guidance older people can offer